How to Configure Cisco ASA for Websense

Had to put this together this morning. Actually it’s quite simple – you too can do it in 5 minutes.

Here is Websense’s official support on the issue: Configure PIX/ASA firewall for Websense integration

I primarily use the ASDM to configure our ASA, since the configuration, with all it’s access rules, NATs and network/service objects get a little cumbersome to scroll through in the cmd line. This ASA uses Software Version 8.2.(1) with ASDM Version 6.2(3).  To configure it via the ASDM, do the following:

  1. Configuration – Firewall – URL Filtering Servers – setup the host that Websense is running on. Ours is a VM, and we used the protocol UDP 4.
  2. Configuration – Firewall – Filter Rules – setup what you want to filter. We just used http and https, nothing fancy.

This will give you the basic configuration. If you need more details, or are doing cool stuff like filtering custom ports, the Websense doc should point you in the right direction.


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