Cisco ASA OS real-time logging bug – FIXED

For a few months now, my ASA’s ASDM real-time log debugger has been giving fits. More specifically, it’s been displaying exactly NOTHING. Look at the ASDM real-time log viewer, and … nada. It was running OS version 8.2.1 with ASDM 6.2.3. This combo was not the default – I upgraded them from OS 7.x and ASDM 5.x.

A few intensive Google searches pointed to an 8.2.x OS bug. Not much to be done about it, except  maybe open a TAC case a hope for the best. Oh yeah, you could always open the ASDM log-buffer viewer and hit F5 a lot.

Well, we ended up ordering a new ASA 5510, and it came from Cisco with OS 8.2.3 and ASDM 6.2.1. Guess what? ASDM real-time log viewer works with this combo! Looks like it was an ASDM issue rather than an OS issue.

FIX: Changed ASDM on old ASA to 6.2.1. Whew. A LOT easier than upgrading the OS.


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