Using TFTP to change external IP address remotely

Here’s  a quick update to using EEM to change external IP adresses remotely on a router. While I’ve had success with that method, it has also failed miserably on me (thanks to my stupid typos).  EEM is a format all it’s own, and I often will fat-finger the order of statements. So I’ve discovered another, more reliable method. Here it is:

Router# copy tftp startup
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename[]? newconfig.txt
Destination filename [startup-config]?
Accessing tftp://
Loading newconfig.txt from !
[OK - 6105 bytes]
6105 bytes copied in 2.620 secs (2330 bytes/sec)

Copy the existing config to notepad, make the necessary changes, and quadruple-check them.  Then tftp or ftp or scp the new config back to the startup-config file. Reboot. If you’ve got the config correct, you’re back in business with just one reboot. It doesn’t show your panache or swagger like EEM does. But don’t worry about that – save it for Swashbuckling School.

This is plain old common and boring and unsexy. But it just works. And that’s what you want.


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