I’m Chad Gates, and after 13 years in IT, I’ve filled positions all across the IT infrastructure spectrum, from helpdesk  on up. My experiences began with Windows NT 4.0, impact printers the size of a snowmobile and daisy-chaining 66-blocks. From there it grew to VMWare ESX, Data Centers, fiber SANs, enterprise routing and switching and private cloud solutions.

Unlike many of my peers, I’m not a geek at heart. Instead, what fascinates me about IT is the opportunity to add unexpected, surprising value to the organization – value that’s often overlooked or dormant in the system. IT touches so much in an organization, there are endless vectors for adding value. The only limit is creativity and teamwork.

Marketing calls this thinking outside the box, but it’s much more than that. Many IT folks are focused completely on the technical details, and rightly so. However, every technical choice has a direct business impact, for better or worse. While technology can be sexy, I also seek to understand the cascading effects of business and technical decisions, and operate to improve those decisions and their results.

Much of the motivation behind this blog is giving back to the IT community. For years, the community at large helped and guided me when deadlines loomed and conventional solutions came up short. To the greatest extent possible, what you’ll find here is based on first-hand experience and geared for specific, practical use.

If you find something that seems like Twilight Zone stuff, bear with me.  I’m just looking for the Golden Mean.


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